Welcome to Just Pass It! Our founder, Nelson Garcia is a Florida-Certified Mathematics teacher. He received a Bachelors in Mathematics from Florida Atlantic University. (Let's go OWLS!) For the past decade, he has privately tutored students from kindergarten to college in mathematics and science courses.


10+ years ago, he realized that his high school students were struggling in the math portion of the Scholastic Assessment Test, which is widely used for college acceptance in the United States. He began to focus on developing a program which geared students into learning tricks and tips to conquer the exam. This SAT program is what he takes pride in by helping the students receive the perfect scores they need to be accepted to their dream universities. He is currently in the process of publishing his first SAT book, which is implemented in all of his programs. 

Nelson has found different teaching methods to reach out and connect with students of all ages. His student's feel comfortable and confident when taking the stressful exam. Along with his SAT program, he continues to still provide one on one tutoring in other subject areas of mathematics and sciences.

In 2016, Nelson made the decision to open up a tutoring center. On August 26, 2017, Just Pass It, Inc was open for business! Nelson truly enjoys what he does and along with his tutors they are spending countless hours helping their students achieve all their goals! 

Opening Day!