What we offer


  • An in depth look into almost every topic of the AP Calculus Exam

  • 90+ Flash card assignment to help remember certain Vocabulary and theorems. 

  • FRQ packets broken down into major topics.

  • Multiple choice practice questions from past AP Exams

  • Calculator practice (TI-84)

  • Diagnostic of a MC exam. 

  • Each week will consist of two sessions on Tuesday and Thursday from 4-6pm. 

  • Students will need to register and pay per class before gaining access to the zoom link. 

  • It is not required to sign up for all sessions. Only sign up for the ones that you feel will be more beneficial. 

  • Students are required to be on camera and only one student must be on camera per zoom link. 

  • Review packets will be sent the day before the scheduled session. 

  • Students are recommended to print or save on a tablet for easier access. 


  • $20 per session (2 hrs)

  • All sessions are priced for group sessions. Please contact us if you're looking for small group sessions. 

Week 1

Week 2

  • Limits

  • Limits 

  • and more Limits. 

  • FRQ (Riemann Sums and Accumulation. 

  • Limits/Derivatives 

  • FRQ (Graphs of f, f', f'')

  • FRQ (Particle Motion)

Week 3

  • Derivatives/ Integration

  • FRQ (Modeling Rates)

  • FRQ (Differential Equations and Slope Field)

Week 4/5

  • Review MC Exam

  • Review Random FRQ(s)